From our retailers

Hunters Family Shoes – Springwood NSW

‘Saramanda shoes are designed and manufactured to the highest standard. The fit and comfort is the result of Saramanda’s commitment to design and extensive fit testing. The manufacturing process reflect traditional shoe-making techniques, with hand stitching and finishing to produce the highest quality and truly unique product. 

Try them on and you’ll buy them.’ – Stuart S. (Owner)

Wilson’s Family Shoe Store – Jannali NSW

‘We have been selling all styles of Saramanda for decades. They are all leather, leather lined, durable and long lasting. If you like 100% comfort, modern styling, and smart casual looks for work or play, then these shoes are for you. We highly recommend them!’ – Colleen F. (Owner)

Shoe Talk – Camden NSW

‘Owning 3 retail shoe stores in the McArthur region, I have now stocked Saramanda shoes for 30 years. I can confidently say Saramanda school shoes are much better quality than other well known brands on the market. The comfortable leather lining, dual-fitting, polyether outsole and hand stitched upper make Saramanda School shoes virtually indestructible. Parents are constantly coming back to Saramanda school shoes for one simple reason – they last’. – Eddie D. (Owner)

Paul the Shoeman – Shellharbour NSW

‘Saramanda School shoes are the best made school shoes on the market. I have had ZERO customer returns for this school shoe brand over the past 4 years. Keep making great shoes Saramanda, my customers love them’. Paul F. (Owner)

Fera Shoes – Bowral NSW

‘I have stocked Saramanda mens and ladies shoes for the past 20 years. After stocking Saramanda school shoes 4 years ago, I was blown away. So many parents and their kids now ONLY buy this brand from me – the loyalty is incredible and well deserved. I can only see this brand growing in the months and years ahead’. – Anthony F. (Owner)


From our loyal customers

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I have worn Saramanda sandals for years – I always buy a new pair when I am going overseas. I walked 100km on the Camino in Spain in your shoes! It’s very hard to find a pair of sandals that can be comfortable for walking 20km+ per day overseas. I should have bought more pairs! 😊– Pam S.

‘To Saramanda,

Thank you for creating these lovely sandals for my sore feet. I have been wearing a pair of Birkenstocks for 4 years & thought they were comfortable until I tried these Saramanda sandals on at ROADHOUSE DFO CHELTENHAM today. I have had them on all day & it is like walking on satin. Thank you’ – Glenys D.

‘Hi Lily, we received the shoes today, and they are great –  thanks. The style is good, they are just the right sizes for us and they are very well made. In addition I received your gift, which I showed to my son and we think it is beautiful. Thank you. I find it surprising that 40 years ago you could walk into a shoe store and easily  get a truly good leather shoe and yet this is not the case now. I am happy to be a patron.

Bless you and keep in touch xx’ – Amanda D.

‘Hi Lily, my new sandals arrived this week and I am very happy to have them. I first bought a pair of Chris many years ago, still wear them even though they look very tired but have not been able to find them again. So, by going direct to you, I now have a new pair. It was like welcoming home a long, lost friend. I have nasty bunions so now my feet are very happy.’ – Beryl W.

‘To Saramanda  Shoes. I have been the proud owner of a Saramanda  mens walking executive shoe for over 5 years. I purchased the shoes from a Leichhardt market town shoe retailer. The owners were relocating and I browsed through the shop whilst shopping for general items in the mall. The shopkeeper informed me that the shoes I was looking at (Saramanda) were arguably the best shoes for male walkers. I was wearing Hush Puppies at the time and the shop owner convinced me to buy the new shoe. I have worn these shoes almost daily in a business and casual environment. Today, 19th August 2020, I purchased the same model of the same maker (Saramanda). I am pleased  to own my second pair of their casual walker. I am writing this mail to simply thank the owners for selling quality products. Congratulations to Saramanda Shoes. I hope future buyers enjoy the comfort of these great shoes’ – Nick V.

‘I just wanted to say that I have bought two pairs of Forbes shoes from you (one in black and one in brown) and I’m absolutely in love with them. I wear a pair everyday to work. Not only do they look great, they are so comfortable to wear throughout the day.’ – Matt V.

‘I have been purchasing the Men’s Detroit black leather shoes for office wear for over 5 years now. By far the most comfortable and stylish shoes I have owned. Excellent customer service provided always.’ – Tony M.

‘I’ve tried just about every brand of shoes, and after a year I notice the comfort and durability deteriorates. I came across Saramanda and couldn’t be more happier with the comfort and durability. I have now purchased a new pair in a different colour. I would highly recommend their quality shoes.’ Benji R.

‘I have bought a pair of Portland Chestnut shoes. They are a great design and well made!’ – Rick F.

‘I’ve worn a pair of your shoes for years for work. They are the best and most comfortable for my foot condition as well as for standing all day. I am excited to buy my next pair.– Christine M.

‘Hi there, I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love your brand of shoes. I’ve had my original pair of Saramanda sandals which I purchased some time in early 2005 (I believe)  in Queensland. I have worn them so much, I wore them out! They were much loved and well worn. They were the most comfortable pair of sandals I have ever owned and I wore them at every opportunity I could.

I wish more stores stocked your shoes! Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how happy I have been with my original Saramanda sandals, it’s a great style and very versatile to wear with jeans, pants, shorts, and dresses. They truly are the best, most comfortable, and obviously durable, long lasting sandals I’ve ever owned and please feel free to use my glowing review of them if you need to!’ – Sue A.

‘I bought a pair of Saramanda Iluka Brown sandals for my husband a couple of years ago. He loves them, the sandals are still in great condition despite him wearing them all the time.’ – Louise M.

‘I purchased a pair of your shoes a couple of years ago, and I’m really impressed with the quality and want to buy some more.’  – Simon T.

‘I bought some of your sandals about two years ago and they were fantastic, so I’m now buying another pair!’ – Kim B.

‘I have a pair of Saramanda sandals and they have been very serviceable and hard wearing.’ – Harry B.

‘I purchased the Chris sandals in Camel, I have them in Red too and love them.’ – Pam L.