Saramanda History

Founded in 1993, Saramanda is a wholly Australian-owned family business and a proud supporter of independent local businesses. We specialise in premium comfort leather footwear for men, women, and children. All our products are manufactured in Thailand.

The hallmark of Saramanda footwear is our use of hand-stitching, polyether and premium grade leather, which allows for the best individual fit to our customers’ feet and wear patterns and long-lasting comfort. Saramanda is renowned for quality workmanship and innovation. Each product is the result of intensive research into materials, production processes and customer feedback. All Saramanda footwear are conceptualised, designed, drawn, and developed in-house, and subject to rigorous testing throughout production to ensure only the highest quality footwear reaches the shelves.

Our Mission

At Saramanda, we aim to do our part for the community by:

  1. Being transparent about our processes and products. We focus on using sustainably-sourced leathers and environmentally friendly packaging. Our shoes also comply with European standards, meaning we use organic substances where we can (rather than chemicals) to ensure the materials will break down in a reasonable length of time so as to minimise land waste. Think about how many shoes you own and multiply that by the number of people on Earth – that’s A LOT of shoes we’re throwing out!
  2. Supporting other small and local businesses by prioritising and supplying to our independent retailers across Australia. We are a tight-knit community who keep our loyal customers, you, at the forefront of our minds – always!
  3. Giving back. All members of the Young family hold strong values including giving more than you take, particularly to those in need. Since opening our doors, we have continued to donate to and work with villages, orphans, schools, and flood and fire relief projects. In their spare time, Daniel’s daughters actively volunteer for SES and WIRES. All factories are also visited on a regular basis to ensure they continue to meet fair wage, hours, and environmental requirements.

Our Commitment

Over the last few decades, every component of our products have been thoroughly researched, understood, and specifically designed with our customers in mind. We are committed to using only the highest quality materials and craftsmenship so that we can continue to deliver the most durable and comfortable shoes at the best value possible, so whether it’s for work, school or play, Try me on and feel the difference!

More than a pair of shoes

What makes Saramanda different? As a family-owned business, we put great emphasis on delivering:

  1. Reliability. Your Saramandas will not only do the job, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much more wear you can get out of them! Check out our Testimonials!
  2. Value. We want to share with you what a REAL pair of shoes should do for you, so we keep our margins low and use only the latest innovative and high quality materials to maximise support, comfort, and durability. You’ll get more than your money’s worth when you buy from us!
  3. Comfort. Decades of knowledge and experience have allowed us to specifically design and perfect every style in-house. Daniel is not only well-known and respected in the shoe industry, his advice and knowledge is often sought after by other brands in an effort to improve their designs!
  4. Great Service. Have a question? Send us an email or give us a call! We’re here for you. When you get in touch with us, you can expect one of the Young family members to look after you. No service team, no wait times, no fluff. We’re all about keeping it real and knowing our customers on a personal level.

What’s the secret to comfortable shoes?

Saramanda believes the key to achieving their renowned comfort and quality is the use of hand stitching during production. Saramanda recognises that everyone is unique and the hand-stitched products ensure that our footwear conforms to your feet, rather than forcing your feet to fit into a rigid shoe.

Another outstanding feature is the use of high quality components to compliment stylish and innovative designs. This includes only using immersion-tanned natural leather, which is important for preventing smelly feet and retaining the breathable, flexible and durable properties of leather.

Together, these features, as well as others depending on style, enhance the feeling of comfort and support that is the hallmark of Saramanda.